Kim Astren
With over 25 years of experience in hair design, Kim brings a love of all things wedding. Specializing in bridal hair, creating that once in a lifetime moment. Whether your look is modern, classic or romantic Kim’s passionate to achieve your look that sets you apart from others as if it was her own wedding. Kim’s dedication to her clients allows her to take into consideration every possible aspects of the bride’s vision, including the venue the dress and the feeling the bride is wanting to create. She customizes her services with a personalized approach to meet the needs of every bride as nothing is better than the moment when a bride puts on her gown and take everyone’s breath away which Kim loves knowing she had a hand in making that dream come true, and making every bride feel amazing on their special day.

My name is Bernice van Middendorp.

I grew up in the Netherlands. After High School I went to hairdressing school in Amsterdam for 3 years. During this time I met Arno, who is now my husband of 10 years and together we have 3 beautiful children, Jaydon (7), Kaya (5) and Esmay (3). When my husband and I decided to go to Canada it was supposed to be temporary. We came on a Working Holiday Program, which allowed us to work and live wherever we wanted for one year but it only took us a couple months to figure out that Canada was the place we wanted to stay and raise our family. I initially worked at Chatters for almost a year and a half, but had to stop when we found out we were not getting a work permit to stay in BC. My husband was able to get a job with a work permit in Calgary, so we moved and I ended up working at Tim Hortons for a few years, since that was the only place I could get a permit for. After receiving our Permanent Residency, having baby number 3 and moving out of the city to a small town called Langdon I decided to go back to hairstyling. I opened up a little salon in my home and really enjoy meeting new people, making them look and feel good and love the flexibility that comes with being self-employed.

Shortly after I got back into the hair business, my friend Anick told me very excitedly about a new business idea she had; the Bridal Beauty Bar. She got me extremely excited about it too! I enjoy giving people haircuts, but working on brides and their parties and anyone who wants up-do’s and pretty styles is my favorite! Since the start of Bridal Beauty Bar we have had the privilege to work together for quite a few weddings and other special events to make the women look and feel their best.