March 30, 2017

January 7, 2017

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Airbrush VS Convention

January 7, 2017

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Hair Up or Hair Down on your Wedding Day

January 24, 2017


 Wearing your hair up or down on your wedding day is indeed a big question. This question might seem like an easy one, but it actually isn’t. Something this simple has a very big impact on your wedding day look, which is why the decision is quite tough.


When tackling this question, you need to remember that your hairstyle needs to last as long as your wedding. This means at least 6-8 hours! On top of that, it needs to be strong enough to ensure all kinds of conditions. Think about sun, sweat, breeze, wind, humidity and even hugs from countless people. The chances of your hair staying perfectly fine are more when you are wearing it up rather than down.


However, whatever we just said above does not answer your question. Your decision has a LOT to do with what type of hair you have. There are many brides who wear their hair down on their wedding and it looks absolutely fine until the epic last song. But, those brides have a certain hair type that other women might not be blessed with. Their hair has the capability to hold its shape really well and if yours can do that too, then wearing it down is a great idea! Most of us know if our hair can hold volume or curls for a long period of time and we also

know when it can’t.



 Some women have hair that can last through hurricanes while others have something that doesn’t even last for 2 hours. If you don’t know how long your hair will last and are uncertain about it, then follow this rule: when in doubt, wear it up. The good news about wearing it up is that there are so many stunning and creative ways to wear it that way. So, if you are nervous about your curls falling flat or your hair getting frizzy because of the humidity, then find a gorgeous updo that matches your style and personality. It’s a proven fact that wearing your hair up lasts longer and stays in-tact throughout the celebration.


Whether you want it up or down, Bridal Beauty Bar have the perfect hairstyle just for you. Contact us now!  \  Tel: 403-805-7633
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