March 30, 2017

January 7, 2017

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Airbrush VS Convention

January 7, 2017

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One of the Best and Only Certified Dinair Airbrush Artist in Alberta

May 9, 2017

Hello everybody!


It's Anick  from Bridal Beauty Bar, I am writing this blog to help clarify the difference between conventional, airbrush (justfoundation) and full faced airbrush makeup.


Let’s start with conventional, not much to blog about really most women already know and use the conventional makeup, although there are 1000s of different brands out there to choose from, conventional makeup is still the (go to) here in Calgary, but is it ideal for weddings, well that is why I am writing this blog, my business is very important to me and with that being said I am always learning, growing and finding the best of the best, whether it be in products or people to add to Bridal Beauty Bar. Although the first 2 years I was in business all my training was conventional, I decided to advance my skills and  discovered airbrush makeup and loved the look, feel and texture of airbrush makeup,  I did want to get the best training available but quickly found out that most airbrush artist only do foundation, some do blush and contour, but very few, and no quality training was available in Calgary.





So my research began with brand, there are a couple of brands available, the first one I came across was all silicone based, yes it is very flexible on your skin, but I am not interested in putting that on my clients or myself, skin health is very important to me, and with silicone you have to set it with setting powder between layers after it is applied, so I decided to keep searching for a better brand, I found Dinair which is water based not silicone, free of oil, and parabens, not comedogenic (does not clog pores) and hypo –Allergenic, vegan, lasts all day, water & sweat resistant, very natural , 18 hour  wear ,perfect for all skin type, including redness in the face and acne scaring.   Most importantly no powder needed and best of all no brushes or sponges. So that is the difference between airbrush brands.



The difference between full faced airbrush and airbrush foundation, most of what you will find in Calgary is airbrush foundation and some blush and contour. I went to Dinair in Hollywood California to train for airbrush and there I learned full faced airbrush with Dina herself (amazing women) award winning professional makeup artist and to this day  her and her team still do the “Grammies”, “Say yes to the dress” and much more.


Full faced means just that… all the makeup I apply is airbrush including eye liner, lips , eyebrows, foundation, blush, contouring,  no brushes or sponges, no dabbing and blending foundations for 20 min, no powders needed the makeup sets on contact. I can cover tattoos as well.


Airbrush is all about learning how to handle your gun and perfecting the technique of blending skin tones by mixing colors and with Dinair you can blend colors together to create depth. My hope is that I will be able to start teaching the art of full face airbrush next year, I also plan to go back to Hollywood and learn body art, and bring in air tan to our portfolio, I will blog about how that all works at that time.


I consider it and honor to be a part of the happiest day in somebody’s life.


Thank you for reading

Anick Chiasson

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